TSC-ZZ Receives "Zhengzhou Offshore Petroleum Engineering Research Center" Accreditation

Recently, Zhengzhou’s Municipal Science and Technology Bureau published the, "zhengkeji[2013]No.2" document which identified companies to receive the, "Zhengzhou Engineering Research Center (and key laboratory)" accreditation. In total, 181 engineering research centers and 39 key laboratories received the aforementioned accreditation including TSC Group Holdings Limited’s Zhengzhou branch (hereinafter referred to as ‘TSC-ZZ’).

The established research cooperation between TSC-ZZ's R&D team, Zhengzhou University and other universities allowed TSC-ZZ to meet the, "Engineering Center" and, "Key Laboratory" requirements set by the Zhengzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. These requirements were set by the bureau to establish a platform for promoting technological innovation. Overall, TSC was ranked number 13 for companies receiving the accreditation.

Following the accreditation, TSC remains dedicated to providing a policy platform for continued R&D projects as well as patent research and development. Moreover, the accreditation provides significant recognition of the TSC-ZZ R&D team's capabilities. TSC is looking to use this endorsement to create further innovative achievements going forward.